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SRTE Process Guide for Academic Administrators

The sensitive nature of SRTE results and the need to preserve confidentiality requires that decisions about access to SRTE results need to be made by campus and college administrators. In contrast, setting up SRTEs is not confidential and can be accomplished by staff members. Therefore, SRTE forms setup and granting access to SRTE results are completely separate processes.

Each campus and college has two key individuals associated with SRTE setup and results access:

Key Campus/College Roles
SRTE Forms Setup Representative SRTE Results Access Administrator
Information accessed is not confidential Information accessed is confidential
Typically an administrative assistant or high level staff assistant An academic administrator, typically an Associate Dean or Campus Academic Officer/Director of Academic Affairs
Grants access to staff assistants responsible for setting up SRTEs in academic programs Appoints SRTE Results Designee

SRTE Results Administrators typically do not need access to the SRTE Setup program, but may request access through their college/campus SRTE Setup Representative. Likewise, SRTE Setup Representatives generally do not need to have access to the SRTE results, but for some colleges/campuses a single person might fulfill both roles.

SRTE Results Administrator Responsibilities

  • Decide who should have online access to faculty SRTE results (e.g., department heads, PICs, division heads).
  • Appoint an SRTE Results Designee who will grant access and download reports for the SRTE Results Administrator.
  • Determine who should receive copies or portions of the Academic Area Reports.
  • Contact the SRTE Results Administrators in Continuing Education and the World Campus to obtain access to results for courses offered through those units.
  • Notify the University SRTE Coordinator if Administrator or Designee changes (we will not know that access should be revoked unless you or your successor informs us).
  • Notify the University SRTE Coordinator if you do not have access to SRTEs for additional locations.

Below are brief descriptions and screen shots of the tools available to SRTE Results Administrators