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What is your role as the campus/college SRTE Setup Representative?

Each academic unit may have only one SRTE Setup Representative. This person is responsible for:

  1. Serving as the campus or college contact for the SRTE Coordinator.
  2. Granting or removing setup access to others in the campus or college.
  3. Understanding the entire SRTE process, including:
    • the campus or college policy on frequency of review,
    • how courses and instructors are listed in LionPath,
    • how LionPath information impacts SRTE setup, and
    • the questions used in the different sections of the SRTE forms.
  4. Providing training and disseminating information to others who have SRTE responsibilities within their college or campus.
  5. Investigating issues related to setting up and administering SRTEs locally before sending a query to the SRTE Coordinator, including the following:
  6. Ensuring proper procedures are followed in administering SRTEs for the college or campus.

At University Park, College SRTE Setup Representatives typically delegate setup responsibility to Department SRTE Setup Representatives. At the Commonwealth Campuses, many Campus SRTE Setup Representatives manage the entire setup process.