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Granting Access to SRTE Results

There are ten years of Individual Instructor SRTE Summary results available online through ANGEL at or directly at

Faculty always have unrestricted access to their own SRTE results. However, there are others who may also need access to SRTE results. SRTE Results Administrators are responsible for authorizing access to others' SRTE results, while the actual task of granting access will likely be carried out by the SRTE Results Designee. The SRTE Results Administrator and the SRTE Results Designee are the only individuals that have the ability to give access to others.

How to Grant Access to SRTE Results at the Level of Course Abbreviation

Below are screen shots showing how SRTE Results Administrators and their Designees grant access to SRTE Results.

  1. Log into the SRTE tool at

  2. Select Reporting User Access Manager under the Reports Admin header.

    SRTE Reports Administration Nugget Image
  3. Enter a Penn State Access User ID. Then select a Campus and a College from the respective dropdown menus (note: if you only have access to one campus or college, these options will already be selected for you). Once you select the college, the Course Designations will appear. For this exercise, we are granting access to ABC123 for UP AA — and Course Designations A A, A ED, A&A, ARCH, and ART.

    After you select the Add button, the granted accesses will appear on the right-hand side of the screen.

    Using the Reports User Access Manager to Grant SRTE Access Image