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Bulk SRTE Results: Academic Area Reports

Academic Area Reports are available to all users that the SRTE Administrator has designated for access to individual instructor reports. We strongly recommend that designees regularly audit their group using the User Access Audit tool.

SRTE Results Administrators or designees may grant a lesser, but not equal access to the reports for their academic area. Campus SRTE Administrators and designees may grant College primary and secondary representatives and they, in turn, may grant access to specific course designations. UP College SRTE Administrators and designees may only grant access at the department/course abbreviation level.

The Academic Area SRTE reports include all results for course sections offered at each campus location or by college. Each course section is represented by a single row in the document. Summary reports include only the mean and response count for each question. Expanded reports include more detailed information.

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The Academic Area SRTE reports are in XML format and may be imported into any database program (e.g. Excel, Access). Single-click on the link for the document you want to download and save. This will open a dialog box asking you to select a location on your computer.

The Open-Ended Reports include written text from two University questions, as well as text from any questions added to the Additional Questions section. These documents are available in two versions, ordered by Instructor User ID (ABC123) or by course abbreviation (COMM, MATH, PSYCH).

Opening XML files of SRTE Results

If you have not already set your computer to open XML files with a specific program, double clicking the document will result in your system attempting to open the file with a program that cannot read it (some computers default to opening the document in a web browser, which typically results in an error screen).

Steps to opening an XML document.

Attention Mac Users: We have discovered that Mac Excel cannot read XML spreadsheets without a converter. The only option is to obtain an XML>>CSV converter for Mac Excel. The converters we have found are web-based, not a downloadable program to run on your computer. A web-based converter is not advisable for confidential SRTE data.

Please send a note to to request a CSV version of the file.