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Using the Data Browse Feature to Search for a Course

The student information system is the SRTE data source. If you aren't familiar with the details of how a course was created, it may appear that it isn't where you think it should be and the Data Browse feature can help you do a bit of detective work to locate it.

  1. Select the Data Browse option from your SRTE My Page.

    Select Data Browse Option

  2. Complete the Course or Instructor fields to narrow your search.

    View of Data Browse Option

  3. For this exercise, we're searching for an ENGL course. You may want to narrow your search by using the dropdowns for the Semester, Campus, College, or Department. We recommend using those fields that will yield the broadest results.

    Dropdowns for Copy To Option

  4. The returned results will include all occurrences of ENGL for the criteria you've selected. You can sort the data by clicking on the header fields to reorder the data.

    Select Copy

Now that you have your results, you can find the campus and college associated with your "missing" course.