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Creating an SRTE Form

If no forms exist in the dropdown for the course disciplinary area, you will need to create one. The good news is that once forms are created, they are reusable.

We recommend creating new forms only when necessary. Changing forms too frequently will cause issues of data consistency for historical comparison. It will also increase the number of selections in your dropdown list—archive outdated or no longer used forms to reduce confusion in future use. To avoid compromising the associated data, a form becomes 'locked' from editing once a student has responded to it. A form cannot be deleted once there is response data associated with it.

Before getting started, confirm that you have Setup access by logging in to the SRTE tool. If you receive an error or no selections are available when you log in, contact your local SRTE Representative to request access. They also serve as your primary point of contact for training and resolving SRTE issues.

Creating the Form Shell

  1. Select the Forms Manager link
    Create an SRTE Form Image
  2. Select the New Form link in the toolbar.
    Select New Form Image
  3. In the Name text box, enter the name of the form. If you are creating a form for:
    • an entire academic unit, you should follow the form naming protocol of: unit and version, e.g., AB AG ANSC 1
    • an individual course, you should follow the form naming protocol of: unit, course, and version, e.g., AB AG ANSC100 1
    • a specific faculty member, you should follow the form naming protocol of: unit, course, last name of faculty member, and version, e.g., AB AG ANSC100 Smith 1.

    This protocol has been established by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs.

  4. Click the Save button to create your form shell. The required University questions and the evaluation instructions are automatically added to every form when it is created.
    Save New Form Image

Adding Questions to Your Form Shell

Once you have created the form, you will need to add the questions your unit has selected from the approved SRTE Item Choices. Follow these steps to add your questions:

  1. On the Forms Manager screen, click the Edit button next to the name of the form for which you want to add questions.
    Add Questions to New Form Image
  2. Now you may add up to 15 items to the form's "B Section" by clicking on the Add a Global Question button.
    Add Global Question Image
  3. You can view the entire list of Likert scale questions by clicking the Search button or you can narrow your search by entering a search term in the Question text field.
    Search Global Question Image
  4. Click the boxes to add questions to your form. When you are finished selecting questions, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save button. You will automatically be returned to the Form Details screen.

    Click to Select Global Questions Image
  5. On the Form Details screen you can review the questions you have added to the form. You can rearrange the order of the items by using your cursor to "grab" the blue box beside the question and then drop it in the order you want them to appear. If you have inadvertently added a question you don't want, simply select the Delete button next to the question you want to remove.

    Delete or Rearrange Global Questions Image

Follow these steps to add items to the "Instructor Questions—C Section. You may add up to 5 items from the remaining approved SRTE Item Choices.

Additional Questions Section

The Additional Questions section allows for Yes/No, Likert Scale, and Free Text or Open Ended question types. Information about how to utilize this section is available on the SRTE Item Choices page.

There are three ways to add questions to this section:

  1. Add a Global Question allows you to add items from those remaining approved SRTE Item Choices.
  2. Add a Single Use Question allows you to define a question you plan to use only on this form. To add a Single Use question, click on the Single Use button under the Additional Questions section.
    Add Single Use Question Image
    Enter a unique Question ID, select the Question Type, enter the question text, and click the Save button.
    Sample Single Use Question Image
  3. Add a Question from the Department Pool allows you to add a question that you can reuse on multiple forms. Before using this feature you will need to first add the question to your department pool (see Creating and Managing Department Pool Questions). If you've already added your question to the pool, simply select the Add a Question from the Department Pool button and follow the same steps as described above to add your question.

Reviewing Your Finished Form

Once you are done adding all of your questions, it's important that you review the form and the order of the questions to make sure they appear as you intend. You can do this by selecting any of the Click here options to view the form to see what it will look like to your students.

Student View of SRTE Image