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Administering SRTE forms for faculty, instructors and TAs

Are SRTEs required?

The specific procedures for determining when SRTEs are conducted are determined by the unit college and with consideration of the following principles about the frequency of reviews:

  1. Where possible, evaluations should be conducted over a period of years and in a variety of courses.
  2. For provisional faculty (i.e., tenure track faculty who do not yet have tenure), all sections of all courses shall be evaluated by the SRTE every time it is taught. The results from each of these evaluations must be included in the candidate’s tenure dossier. (If there is some reason to explain the results or the absence of results in a particular case, the appropriate academic administrator shall make a note to that effect in the dossier. For example, in advance of a course being taught for the first time in an experimental way, an administrator and a faculty member might agree not to include SRTE results in tenure or promotion dossiers. Such agreements should be in writing.)

What other evaluations are authorized by Penn State?

Students' Evaluation of Educational Quality (SEEQ) is a 9-factor omnibus student rating form that has been heavily researched by nearly one million surveyed respondents as being appropriate for determining teaching effectiveness over diverse settings.

The SEEQ survey is temporarily unavailable. Please watch for announcements—the service is expected for release in fall 2019.

Do I still offer SRTEs if I have a small class?

Yes, it is recommended that all courses be evaluated. June 2011 the restriction on providing results for courses with less than 5 student responses was removed by the Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs.

How are the forms organized?

SRTE forms contain five sections: University, Department, Instructor, Open-ended University, and Additional Questions.

What questions are available in each section?

The University section contains four required questions. These questions are listed in the prescribed order.

The Department section may contain up to 15 of the 177 defined item choices. Selection and order of these items is approved by the administrator.

The Instructor section may contain up to 5 of the 177 defined item choices. The instructor selects and determines the order in which these items are displayed.

The University Open-ended section contains two open-ended questions – "What helped you learn in this course?" and "What changes would improve your learning?" – designed to solicit written student feedback.

The Additional Questions section may contain up to 20 questions defined by the administrator. These may be Likert, yes-no, or open-ended questions.

Can I change or add questions?

You should discuss adding questions to the Additional Questions section with your administrator.

Where do I go if I have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about the SRTEs and their administration, please contact your campus or college representative.