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Instructor results information for University administrators

What reports are available?

Currently available reports are:

  1. Individual Instructor Reports: Individual reports for each instructor teaching a course section. The report includes the responses to the Likert scale items and the open-ended questions. Instructors and the SRTE Results Administrator for the academic area have access to these reports. Instructors may wish to grant Proxy access to others, as needed.
  2. Academic Area Summary, Expanded, and Open-Ended Reports: These reports contain all of the official question responses for a Campus, College or Discipline in a single document. Summary results are now provided for course-sections with fewer than 5 responses. This restriction was removed by the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs. Each line contains the summarized data for a course section. The reports are ordered by course designation, number and section. There are two reports available for your view—Summary Report: 2 columns per question (mean and response count) and Expanded Report: 9 columns per question (mean, response count, and count for each score of 1-7).

    Academic Area Open-Ended Reports: These reports contain the open-ended text results for both the University-wide and the academic area questions. These reports are ordered by both Instructor User ID (ABC123) and course designation.

How do I view instructor results?

All individual instructor reports, including results for paper SRTEs, are available at Results are retained for 10 years in accordance with Policy AD35 University Archives and Records Management and its concurrent General Retention Schedule.

Academic Area Reports are only available to the SRTE Results Administrator and delegated at their discretion. Retention follows the same schedule as listed above.

Can I download or print results?

There is an option within the individual instructor report to print or save the report as a PDF.

How do I view multiple years of results simultaneously?

Plans are underway to develop reports that will visually compare a range of semesters. Until that feature is available, you will need to print the results and compare them manually.

I don't see all the results I expect to see.

Check with your SRTE representative to make sure SRTEs were administered for the course where you expect to see SRTE results. If SRTEs were administered, check with the SRTE Results Administrator hosting the course to make sure you have access to the expected campus, college or academic unit information.

How is access granted to results?

Each academic unit has an SRTE Results Administrator who is responsible for decisions regarding access to SRTE results for their academic unit.

How do I get help interpreting results?

The Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence offers confidential consulting to help you better understand the SRTE results.

What can I do to help my faculty improve their results?

The faculty consultants at the Schreyer Institute for Teaching Excellence are available to discuss issues related to teaching and learning with anyone who teaches Penn State students. The Schreyer Institute also hosts a collection of strategies for increasing SRTE response rates on their website. The strategies were gathered from faculty with a 70% or greater response rate and at least 30 students in their classes.